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Bellano (LC) is one of the biggest towns on the Eastern side of Lake Como. It is located at 50min distance from Milan (the city of 2015 Expo), less than 10 min from Varenna, 70 min from Saint Moritz, 50 min from Madesimo. The railway station (1km away from the building) offers many daily connections with all of Lombardy's main cities. The Milano Centrale-Sondrio line stops in Bellano.

The nearby town of Varenna also offers a ferry boat connection with Bellagio-Menaggio-Lugano.


Directions to reach the building:


Departing from Lecco (about 20min):


  • take the coastal S.P. 72 road and exit in Bellano


  • take the S.S. 36 highway and exit in Bellano
  • turn right after railroad crossing
  • drive along the waterfront road (via Carlo Alberto) for 500m, then turn right to drive up along the road for Vendrogno
  • turn left when you see a road sign for Oro and continue in that direction for a couple of minutes


Departing from Milan (about 50 min):


  • take the S.S. 36 highway for Lecco
  • once in Lecco, follow the steps described above


From anywhere North of Bellano (e.g. Colico, Sondrio, Switzerland):


  • drive to Colico
  • once in Colico, take the S.S. 36 highway and exit in Bellano
  • follow the steps described above

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Lago di Como-Bellano Case

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